The Effect of Diet Beverages on Diabetes Control: A Pilot Study

Andrew Odegaard, PhD, MPH

UC Irvine Main Campus

UC Irvine Medical Center

The purpose of this research study is to test an important question in relation to dietary recommendations for men and women with type 2 diabetes. Do diet beverages (e.g. diet Coke or diet Pepsi) influence aspects of diabetes control?
  • Man or a woman with type 2 diabetes clinically diagnosed ≥ one year ago
  • Age of diagnosis 35-75 years
  • HbA1c 6.5-9.0% (average blood glucose measure over previous two to three months)
  • Only on therapy that does not include low blood sugar episodes (hypoglycemia) as a side effect with stability for the prior three months
  • Willing to drink diet beverages daily during a one month period and avoid them the other one month period
  • Not actively looking to lose weight, or alter diet or lifestyle (e.g. physical activity pattern) during the study participation
  • English speaking
Six hours over two and a half to three months.
UC Irvine Department of Epidemiology