Prevention of Adolescent Risky Behaviors: Neural Markers of Intervention Effects

Uma Rao, MD
UCI Campus, affiliated community programs serving African-American families
Adolescents face many challenges as they begin to gain autonomy from parents and prepare for adult roles in society. Our team has developed a family intervention that specifically helps African-American youth to develop life skills focusing on future orientation and in overcoming "road blocks" in the service of positive goals. This is a six-week, parent and child program shown to deter risky behaviors and achieve long-term positive outcomes. Using MRI scans (no radiation involved), we are trying to identify brain circuits involved in such positive outcomes.
  • 11- to 14-year-old youth
  • African-American heritage
  • Youth and parent or legal guardian agree to participate in six-week intervention program
  • Eligible to participate in MRI scans

Participant will be required to:

  • Complete questionnaires
  • Complete MRI scans
  • Complete a six-week life skills program
  • Provide a saliva and urine sample

Participation will involve 10 visits over 18 weeks.

$655 plus travel reimbursement
Julia Fong, Study Coordinator; Uma Rao, Principal Investigator
949-824-3770; 949-824-8040