Sags and Bags: Current Treatments in Oculofacial Surgery

Signs of aging and tiredness commonly appear in the delicate tissues around your eyes. In addition to negative effects on your appearance, these sags and bags can contribute to vision problems and poor ocular health.

Come attend this free seminar from UCI Health ophthalmologist Jeremiah Tao, MD, to learn how minimally invasive oculoplastic surgical procedures can improve the appearance and function of your eyes. He'll explain how droopy upper eyelids can reduce peripheral vision, and how lower eyelid ligament laxity can contribute to poor eyelid closure, dry eyes and excessive tearing.

The goal of this lecture series from the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute is to further educate the public on eye health-related topics and improve the community's overall health and well-being.


Gavin Herbert Eye Institute

Registration Instructions:

Please RSVP to attend. Free session, refreshments and parking.