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Dual Gastric Balloon

The ReShape™ Integrated Dual Balloon is a system of two saline-filled balloons that occupy your stomach to promote appetite control and weight loss.

The balloons give the benefits of bariatric surgery without healing time, incisions and medication side effects.

Dual gastric balloon procedureThe balloons occupy your stomach for six months, serving as built-in portion control so patients can feel full and satisfied with less food.

The anatomy of your stomach is unchanged.

While you have the balloon, you will work with dietitians, doctors and nurses to learn healthy habits that last beyond the treatment period.

Why a dual balloon?

The dual balloon design conforms to the stomach's natural curve so patients are better able to tolerate them. This design also reduces the risk of migration or obstruction.

After insertion, the balloons are each filled with 450cc of saline. This enables them to occupy more space than a single balloon without over-distending the stomach. Single balloons usually hold between 400-700cc of saline.

The procedure

The insertion of the dual balloons is done during a completely non-surgical procedure done while you are under conscious sedation to keep you relaxed.

After you are sedated, an endoscope is inserted into the stomach via the mouth. Two uninflated balloons are sent through a guidewire and placed in the stomach.

The balloons are then inflated with saline and independently sealed.

After six months, the device is removed in a similar 15-30 minute procedure. While you are sedated, an endoscope drains the balloons in a controlled manner. They are then captured with a snare and pulled out through the mouth.

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