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Partial Hospitalization Program

If your child is having a psychiatric or medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for evaluation and treatment.

The UCI Health Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program is an intensive, psychiatric day treatment program. It is designed to evaluate and treat teens whose psychiatric and behavioral symptoms are too severe to be managed in outpatient therapy alone, but who do not require a 24-hour controlled environment.

The Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program is also used as a transition from care in an inpatient unit.

Our program provides intensive, individualized care in a safe and caring environment for preteens and teenagers (ages 12 through 17) whose emotional and behavioral problems are interfering with their ability to function at home, in school and in the community.

Your child's treatment team includes:

  • A child psychiatrist
  • A child psychologist
  • Social workers
  • Nurses

All treatment team members are highly skilled and experienced in working with the needs of troubled teens and their families.

Patients enrolled in the program receive:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy, which includes goal checks, recreational therapy, creative expression and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Assistance with schoolwork by a trained instructor
  • Family therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Art and recreational therapy

The Partial Hospitalization Program incorporates elements from evidence-based treatment interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), some components of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness exercises.

What we treat

The program's multidisciplinary team of board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, nurses and social workers combine compassionate care with expertise to help adolescents with emotional issues and psychiatric conditions such as:

Individual treatment plans

Family members and the patient assist in the development and ongoing assessment of a unique, comprehensive treatment plan. The objective is to help improve the teen's ability to:

  • Communicate effectively and relate constructively to others
  • Manage emotions and moods
  • Control impulses and at-risk behaviors
  • Develop and increase the quality of relationships with family members, peers and others
  • Improve attendance and performance at school

The program also is designed to ease an adolescent's transition from an inpatient setting to the family home, as well as to decrease the risk of relapse.

Teenagers who are not ready to return to the pressures of school or work receive specialized supervision and individualized therapeutic plans. The team works closely with patients and their families to help ensure a supportive transition back to school and the community.

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For more information about the UCI Health Neuropsychiatric Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program, call 714-456-2924.

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