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UC Irvine acute care team’s heroic efforts save new mother

Acute Care Patient Stephanie Shaffer
December 01, 2012
Hemorrhaging and without a pulse, new mother Stephanie Shaffer appeared close to death in an intensive care unit at UC Irvine Medical...

Beyond mammography

UC Irvine researchers go beyond mammography
December 01, 2012
Researchers at UCI Health Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic received a $7-million grant from the National Cancer Institute to standardize...

Saving your skin

UC Irvine’s new pigmented lesion program monitors people at high risk of dermatological cancer
December 01, 2012
Each year, millions of Americans develop cancerous skin lesions. The vast majority of these are easily treated and highly survivable, but some...

Moving fast on strokes

December 01, 2012
All too often, many of the nearly 8,000 Orange County residents who have a stroke each year experience warning signs that go unrecognized. This...

Treating fibroids without surgery

Dr. Scott Goodwin treats uterine fibroids without surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center
December 01, 2012
Nearly 600,000 hysterectomies are performed each year in the United States—a rate unchanged since World War II. Uterine fibroids, benign...

Lifeline for stroke patients

Dr. Shuichi Suzuki
December 01, 2012
Growing up in Tokyo, Dr. Shuichi Suzuki was well aware of the destruction that stroke can cause. Stroke was Japan’s No. 1 cause of death at...

Stroke center delivers lifesaving care

December 01, 2012
Timing. It often determines whether a stroke victim will resume a normal life, suffer disabilities – or even survive. “From the onset...

Targeting breast cancer

UC Irvine oncologist Dr. Rita Mehta pioneered the now-routine use of chemotherapy on tumors before surgery
December 01, 2012
In 2003, oncologist Dr. Rita Mehta had "the kind of moment everyone lives for" — everyone, that is, who's working to find a cure for...

Beating heart failure

Preventing heart failure
December 01, 2012
To many people, the term heart failure conjures up an image of an out-of-the-blue emergency, a heart that has suddenly stopped beating. In reality,...

Advancements in radiation therapy mean better outcomes for cancer patients

Nilam S. Ramsinghani, MD, Radiation Oncologist
December 01, 2012
Radiation therapy has come a long way in recent years, both in success rates and patient comfort, says Dr. Nilam S. Ramsinghani, who leads UCI...

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