Test Your Savvy on … Adult Immunizations

1.  If you’re an adult, you don’t need vaccines like you did when you were a kid.

True     False

2. You need to get the flu vaccine only once every three years.

True     False

3. Pregnant women should not get the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine.

True     False

4. People ages 65 and older should get the pneumonia vaccine.

True     False







1. False. You never outgrow your need for shots. Talk with your doctor about which ones you should get. He or she may recommend various vaccinations depending on your lifestyle, medical history, and travel plans.

2. False. Everyone should get the flu shot every year.

3. True. People born after 1956 who have neither had the diseases or been vaccinated for them should get this shot. Pregnant women should hold off.

4. True. Others who should get this vaccine include people with heart, lung, or liver disease; alcoholism; diabetes; or who smoke cigarettes. Also, this vaccine is for people who have immunodeficiency disorders or chronic renal failure, or are infected with HIV.