Disability Resources

Disability Management Services serves UC Irvine Medical Center employees through the Transitional Work and Return to Work programs in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, California Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as University of California policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Transitional Work Program

The Transitional Work Program assists employees with work and non-work related illnesses and injuries. This program works with employees who are recovering from illness or injury while they transition back to work from a limited schedule to full-time. Modified work is first sought in the employee's home department, and alternate areas are temporarily available.

Interactive Process

Interactive Process is a conversation initiated by an employee with a disability or illness. During the process, the employee and university representatives discuss reasonable accommodation options. Options may include reassignment, assistive devices, a modified work schedule and a leave of absence.

Ergonomic Program

The Ergonomic Program provides assistance to employees to prevent pain and suffering and works to reduce costs to the University that are associated with ergonomic related injuries.

This is done through a combination of workplace training, evaluation of workstations and work practices, and the implementation of ergonomic control strategies.

To request assistance, contact Yvonne Ybarra at 714-456-4889, by cell at 714-227-2098 or email ybarray@uci.edu.

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