2021 GI Symposium videos

Videos from the 13th Annual Gastroenterology & Hepatology Symposium

UCI Health Digestive Health Institute hosted its 13th Annual Gastroenterology and Hepatology Symposium April 21-23, 2021.

World-class guest speakers and renowned faculty members of the UCI Health Digestive Health Institute shared their specialized expertise in conducting leading-edge procedures for digestive diseases using advanced technology and techniques.

The 3-day curriculum covered the latest management options for endoscopic and surgical treatments of gastrointestinal and liver diseases with an impressive mix of lectures and live cases broadcast from the state-of-the-art H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center located in Orange, CA.

Below are videos of the lectures, interviews and live cases from each day of the symposium. These videos are provided for professionals in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology and symposium attendees. Therefore, you will need to enter the password provided to you in order to view these videos.


Day 1: Foregut

The playlist shown below features the following videos:

  1. Live Case Interview: Vani Konda, MD & Jason Samarasena, MD on Barrett's Esophagus
  2. Live Case Interview: Mouen Khashab, MD & Kenneth Chang, MD on POEM (Peroral endoscopic myotomy)
  3. Live Case Interview: Hiroyuki Aihara, MD & Jason Samarasena, MD on Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection
  4. Live Case: Foregut


Day 2: Hepatobiliary and Hepatology

The playlist shown below features the following videos:

  1. Lecture: Pathology overview on common liver diseases: pearls on liver biopsy report (Vishal Chandan, MD)
  2. Lecture: Overview of the clinical trial update on non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (Timothy Morgan, MD)
  3. Lecture: Update on HBV treatment (Mindie Nguyen, MD)
  4. Lecture: Update on HCV treatment (Joseph Lim, MD)
  5. Lecture: Management of post-liver transplantation (Lydia Aye, DO)
  6. Lecture: Diagnosis and surgical management of liver tumors (Zeljka Jutric, MD)
  7. Lecture: Update on HCC management: systemic treatment (Fa Chyi Lee, MD)
  8. Live Case Interview: Marvin Ryou, MD & Jason Samarasena, MD on EndoHepatology
  9. Live Case Interview: Christopher Thompson, MD & Kenneth Chang, MD on Endobariatrics
  10. Live Case Interview: Brant Oelschlager, MD & Marcelo Hinojosa, MD on GERD: Nissen fundoplication, should we be using it in the morbidly obese?
  11. Live Case: Hepatobiliary / Hepatology


Day 3: IBD and Colorectal

The playlist shown below features the following videos:

  1. Lecture: Positioning of therapies in IBD (Nimisha Parekh, MD)
  2. Lecture: Therapeutic drug monitoring: the update (Mark Salem, MD)
  3. Lecture: Perianal Crohn's disease: updates (Steven Mills, MD)
  4. Lecture: COVID 19 & IBD Management (Sunhee Park, MD)
  5. Lecture: Diverticulitis (Matthew Whealon, MD)
  6. Lecture: AI in Gastroenterology (Tyler Berzin, MD)
  7. Lecture: Rationale behind new guidelines to begin colorectal cancer screening at 45 (Jason Zell, DO)
  8. Lecture: Potential role of the microbiome in precancerous polyp development (Katrine Whiteson, MD)
  9. Live Case Interview: Tyler Berzin, MD & William Karnes, MD on AI in Gastroenterology
  10. Live Case Interview: Paul Tarnasky, MD & John Lee, MD on ERCP
  11. Live Case Interview: Joseph Carmichael & Michael Stamos, MD on fecal incontinence
  12. Live Case: IBD / Colorectal