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News in 2013

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Beating the winter blues

December 16, 2013
During the winter months, some people feel like their normal personalities have deserted them. They're lethargic, irritable and moody. Often...

Motherhood after colon cancer

December 16, 2013
As a bride-to-be in the prime of life, Natalie Schiavone was stunned by her diagnosis of colon cancer. Even harder to hear was that her treatment,...

Are they safe? Clearing the air on electronic cigarettes

December 16, 2013
If you haven't seen someone puffing on an electronic cigarette yet, you probably will soon. Sales of the devices are soaring. And the debate about...

10 tips for losing weight

weight loss
December 12, 2013
Dr. Rajesh “Robby” Gulati, medical director of the UCI Health Weight Management Program, has a theory about shedding pounds. “I...

UCI Health weight-loss surgeons give hope to 500-pound woman

December 12, 2013
IN THE NEWS: Jennifer Garcia's doctors told the 29-year-old Moreno Valley mother that she needed to lose the bulk of her 500 pounds if she wanted...

5 flu myths busted

flu myths
December 11, 2013
Some myths about the flu never go away. We're going to bust five of them right now.

10 ways to avoid a stroke

avoid stroke 300
December 10, 2013
When it comes to stroke, there’s good news and bad news. “The good news is that 80 percent of strokes are preventable with proper...

When is it time for a joint replacement?

When is it time for a joint replacement?
December 09, 2013
It can be difficult to know when it's time to have joint replacement surgery. UCI Health orthopaedic surgeon Ran Schwarzkopf offers some guidance.

Toys that could damage your child's hearing

December 05, 2013
UCI Health otolaryngologist Dr. Hamid Djalilian provides his annual list of the noisiest toys that could damage your child's hearing.

Should you get the flu shot?

Get the flu shot
December 05, 2013
Every flu season, UCI Health internist Dr. Emilie Chow finds herself repeating one thing: the flu vaccine does not cause the flu. "Each year, that...