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News in 2014

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Expert discusses California Ebola quarantine order

October 29, 2014
IN THE NEWS: Dr. Kristi Koenig tells KPCC that the state's "risk-based" quarantine order could deter California healthcare workers from traveling...

UC Irvine scientists find psoriasis healing mechanism

October 27, 2014
A UC Irvine-led study reveals the underlying genetic factors that help repair skin lesions caused by psoriasis, which could result in new methods...

Expert insight on death of Joan Rivers

October 24, 2014
Last week’s announcement of the official cause of Joan Rivers’ death continues to raise questions about what went wrong during...

Promising ovarian cancer research

October 20, 2014
IN THE NEWS: The treatment of women with ovarian cancer is poised for a significant transformation, propelled by a surge in clinical trials,...

Don't be embarrassed by pelvic floor problems

October 17, 2014
Millions of women suffer silently from pelvic floor disorders. They may leak urine or be unable to fully control their bowel movements. Or they may...

What’s new in plastic surgery

October 14, 2014
Recent advances are making cosmetic surgery procedures better and more accessible than ever. But with so many choices, it can be confusing to...

High fever alone is not reason to be hospitalized

UCI Health Disaster medicine specialist Dr. Kristi L. Koenig
October 10, 2014
IN THE NEWS: A high fever alone is not enough to warrant hospitalization of patients such as Thomas Eric Thomas, the Liberian man who was sent home...

For ovarian cancer, consult a specialist in gynecologic surgery and chemotherapy

UC Irvine gynecologic oncologist Dr. Leslie M. Randall
October 09, 2014
Women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer should seek out a specialist in both gynecologic surgery and cancer treatment, says UCI Health...

Game changers in breast cancer treatment

October 09, 2014
Breast cancer expert Dr. Alice Police from UCI Health Pacific Breast Care Center discusses treating early stage breast cancer with a double...

Disaster medicine experts examine Ebola preparations

October 08, 2014
UCI Health experts review public health preparations for Ebola treatment in paper published in Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Kristi...