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Live Well’s most popular stories of 2018

December 31, 2018 | Heather Shannon
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What was on your mind in 2018?

From the looks of our most popular stories in the last year, many of you are concerned about:

Is there anything you'd like to see our health experts explain next year? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Thank you for your loyal readership. We're wishing you and yours a happy, prosperous and healthy 2019! 

redhead with a headache

Do redheads feel more pain?

doctor discussing mesh surgery with patient

Is mesh safe for hernia repair surgery?

woman microneedling face

The ins and outs of at-home facial treatments


Why you're always so tired

middle age  man in glasses

How to cope with aging eyes

woman looking at medications

Taking acetominphen safely 

doctor inspecting patient's moles

When to worry about a mole


Hope to manage anxiety

couple eating food

Keto, paleo, Whole 30: Sorting out fad diets

doctors giving a colonoscopy

Using artificial intelligence to detect colon cancer

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