Ethnic Influences on Stress, Energy Balance and Obesity in Adolescents

Psychiatry, Obesity
Uma Rao, MD
UCI Campus and UC Irvine Medical Center
Adolescent development is associated with significant behavioral, social and biological changes that can lead to risk for developing obesity that persists into adult life. We are examining social and biological stress in 13- to 17-year-old African-American (Black) and White females. Additionally, we are studying eating patterns and activity levels in the home environment and in a controlled lab setting as well as body composition (muscle and fat content) and hormones that are involved in appetite and metabolism. 
  • Female
  • 13 to 17 years of age, inclusive
  • African-American or Caucasian

Participant will be required to:

  • Complete questionnaires
  • Provide a hair sample and saliva samples to measure stress hormones
  • Wear watch-like device for seven days and food consumption via telephone
  • Complete a blood draw, urine sample and DEXA (body) scan
  • Participate in food experiments in the lab

Participation involves three visits over two to three weeks.

$375 plus travel reimbursement
Larissa Chau; Uma Rao
949-824-3657; 949-824-8040