BCI-FES therapy for stroke rehabilitation

June 14, 2020
HS 2019-4936
Stroke, Brain & Nerve, Brain Injury - Traumatic
An Do, MD

UCI campus in Irvine

The study's purpose is to explore the possibility of using brain waves to control a functional electrical stimulation device that helps stroke patients improve their walking ability.

We will recruit adults from ages 18 to 80 who:

  • Have had a stroke within the previous six (6) months to two (2) years prior
  • Have residual foot weakness
  • Have no limiting cognitive, mood or communication deficits

Six 1-hour to 3-hour visits to UC Irvine and four (4) to five (5) weeks of therapy at UC Irvine, all over a time frame of four (4) to six (6) months.

Gains in ankle/leg function; improved ability to walk. These are possible benefits; therefore, these benefits are not guaranteed.

The participant will receive $100 at the completion of the study.

Lucy Dodakian