UC Irvine Physicians Named “Physicians of Excellence”

January 30, 2008
 Best Doctors

Seventy-one UC Irvine physicians have been recognized by the Orange County Medical Association as “Physicians of Excellence.” An additional 69 volunteer faculty are also included, underscoring UC Irvine’s presence in the community.

The physicians listed in the January 2008 issue of Orange Coast Magazine were recognized for going above and beyond by dedicating themselves to research projects and serving the Orange County community.

Below is a list of UCI Healthcare physicians recognized as “Physicians of Excellence” by the Orange County Medical Association:

Allergy and Immunology
Stanley P. Galant, MD

Cardiovascular Disease
Afshan B. Hameed, MD

Colon and Rectal Surgery
Michael J. Stamos, MD

Kristen M. Kelly, MD

Emergency Medicine
Michael J. Burns, MD
Kristi Koenig, MD
Shahram Lotfipour, MD
Jennifer A. Oman, MD
Scott E. Rudkin, MD
Carl H. Schultz, MD
Jeffrey R. Suchard, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Andrew R. Reikes, MD

Family Medicine
Emily E. Dow, MD
Cecilia A. Florio, MD
Kathryn M. Larsen, MD
Hector J. Llenderrozos, MD
Wadie I. Najm, MD
Charles P. Vega, MD

Kenneth J. Chang, MD
John G. Lee, MD
Venkataraman R. Muthusamy, MD

General Surgery
John A. Butler, MD
David Hoyt, MD
David J.B. Hsiang, MD
David K. Imagawa, MD
Karen T. Lane, MD
Ninh T. Nguyen, MD

Geriatric Medicine
Lisa M. Gibbs, MD
Laura A. Mosqueda, MD

Gynecologic Oncology
Michael L. Berman, MD
Wendy R. Brewster, MD
Robert A. Burger, MD
Philip Di Saia, MD
Krishnansu S. Tewari, MD

Hematology and Medical Oncology
Randall F. Holcombe, MD
Michael B. Lilly, MD

Internal Medicine
Alpesh N. Amin, MD
John C. Hoefs, MD
Ke-Qin Hu, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Judith Chung, MD
Carol A. Major, MD

Medical Oncology
John P. Fruehauf, MD
Rita S. Mehta, MD
Frank L. Meyskens Jr., MD
Edward L. Nelson, MD

Neurological Surgery
Mark E. Linskey, MD
Laura S. Paré, MD

Mark J. Fisher, MD
Neal S. Hermanowicz, MD
Tahseen Mozaffar, MD

Neurology, Child
Ira T. Lott, MD

Fong Y. Tsai, MD

Swaraj Bose, MD
Ronald N. Gaster, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery
Ranjan Gupta, MD
Michael F. Shepard, MD

William B. Armstrong, MD
Roger L. Crumley, MD
Quoc A. Nguyen, MD
Brian J.F. Wong, MD

Pediatric Cardiology
Anjan S. Batra, MD

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Zacharia Reda, MD

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Leonard S. Sender, MD

Pediatric Oncology
Lilibeth R. Torno, MD

Behnoosh Afghani, MD
Lynn E. Hunt, MD

Plastic Surgery
Gregory R.D. Evans, MD

Radiation Oncology
Jeffrey V. Kuo, MD

Therapeutic Radiology
Nilam S. Ramsinghani, MD

Elspeth M. McDougall, MD

Vascular Surgery
Samuel E. Wilson, MD

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