General clinical research center (GCRC) research blood donor program

HS 2001-2058
Dan M. Cooper, MD
The project aims to provide a source of normal human blood to UC Irvine investigators whose projects have been approved by the UC Irvine GCRC Advisory Committee and the UC Irvine IRB. Volunteers are assured of a controlled clinical setting for their blood to be drawn by certified phlebotomists or registered nurses and investigators are assured that the volunteers whose specimens they obtain through the service have been screened on entry into the Program and annually thereafter for various blood-born diseases. The volunteer donor pool also provides the investigators with a mix of gender and minority volunteers. Finally, volunteers will be assured that the research projects involved have meet critical peer review for both safety and scientific criteria.
Healthy men and non-pregnant women aged 18 to 65 years of age who do not have a history of hepatitis, HIV, anemia, chronic medication, recent surgery or trauma, chronic alcohol or drug abuse or on chronic medications. Issues regarding past illnesses, potential exposures, previous travel, etc. will be covered in the Normal Blood Donor Program Questionnaire.
The initial screening visit will take approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Each subsequent visit will be no longer than 1 hour. The number of visits will vary depending on Program need and participant availability.
The volunteer reimbursement shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for blood volumes less than or equal to 100 milliliters and 10 cents ($0.10) per milliliter for blood volumes greater than 100 milliliters for a maximum reimbursement per visit of forty-five dollars ($45.00). There is no subject reimbursement for the initial screening visit.
Angela Marquez, General Clinical Research Center,