Diabetes Support Group

The UCI Health Diabetes Support Group is dedicated to creating a supporting coping environment and offering education for individuals diagnosed with diabetes, their family members and caregivers.

Our group sessions will provide speakers, focus on specific topics and involve social activities and programs that benefit diabetes patients and families. This is a time to share experiences, resources and encouragement, and to connect with support group members.

This support group is made possible by a gift from Jazmine Beauty and the Simon family. All participants will have an opportunity to receive a complimentary diabetes test kit case donated by Jazmine Beauty. These test kit cases are not endorsed, reviewed or provided by UCI Health.

Meetings are held every other month. 

Cost: free to attend

The privacy of your health information is important to UCI Health and is required by law. As a participant in a Group Support Session (GSS), whether virtually or in-person, you and the other attendees will have the option to discuss health information in the presence of other attendees, family members, caregivers, friends, staff, and/or providers.

Whether you are an attendee, family member, caregiver, or friend accompanying an attendee, you agree to respect the privacy of others by keeping information that is shared in the session confidential and not repeating any of the information discussed in the clinical group setting. The GSS team will also keep all information shared in session confidential and not repeat that information outside of the clinical group setting, unless the information raises public health and/or safety concerns or under a regulatory obligation to disclose. The GSS is not a substitute for medical care or treatment of medical emergencies. Participation in the GSS is optional, and a decision to refrain from participating will not impact future care provided to you by UCI Health. Consult with your clinical care provider for any questions of a personal nature you are not comfortable sharing in the group setting, or for medical care.

By registering for this GSS you understand that information you share during the session may be heard by the entire group. Your acknowledgement also means that you will respect the confidentiality of the other members of the group by not revealing names or medical, personal, or any other identifying information about others in attendance outside of the clinical group setting. Furthermore, you understand that taking photos, video or other recordings during the GSS is prohibited and agree to refrain from doing so. 


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