Leave & Disability Management

The Leave and Disability Management team oversees leaves of absence, the transitional return to work program, assists with accommodations and the interactive process, ergonomic assessments, injury prevention and compliance with state and federal disability laws.

A leave of absence is defined as missing more than five consecutive shifts. Paperwork is required whether the leave is with or without pay.

Disability Management Services (DMS) serves UC Irvine Medical Center employees through the Transitional Work and Return to Work Programs in compliance with federal law, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act of 2008 (ADA), the California state law Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA), as well as UC policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Questions about leave management or disability resources? Call 714-456-5736 or email mcwcdm@uci.edu.

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How to Request a Leave of Absence

Contact the Leave and Disability Management team: please send your request to mcwcdm@uci.edu.

To receive a leave packet, provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Home address
  • Primary phone number (during leave)
  • Your direct supervisor's name
Include the type of leave you are requesting:
  • Medical
  • Pregnancy
  • Care for newborn/placed child (baby bonding)
  • Care for family member with serious health condition (include the relationship)
  • Military
  • Personal
  • Work-incurred illness/injury

If you will be off work for your own serious health condition, you must provide a doctor's note to Occupational Health via fax at 714-456-6540.

How to Request Catastrophic Leave

All UC Irvine career employees who accrue and use vacation time may be able to participate in the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program as recipients or donors.

The eligible recipient:

  • Has exhausted all leave credits
  • Is on an approved leave of absence
  • Is suffering from, or whose family member is suffering from, a serious illness or injury
  • Is not presently receiving or eligible to receive disability benefits or workers' compensation payments

Catastrophic leave definition

A catastrophic illness or injury is defined as a serious health condition of the employee or the employee's family or household member (for example, spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, in-laws and step-relatives) or individuals residing in the employee's household.

This serious health condition also creates a financial hardship because the employee has exhausted all available leave credits and is not or not yet eligible for temporary disability benefits under short-term or supplemental disability insurance.

Catastrophic leave policy and process ›

How to Request Intermittent Family Medical Leave

Contact your supervisor for the appropriate notifications and certifications.

Pregnancy Disability Workshop

This course provides information to medical center staff on the pregnancy disability process. It covers:

  • Leave entitlements (Pregnancy Disability Leave, Family & Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act)
  • Disability benefits (Liberty Mutual)
  • Benefits
  • Leave paperwork and process

The pregnancy disability workshop is available monthly.

Go to the UC Learning Center to find upcoming dates and register ›

Transitional Work Program

The Transitional Work Program assists employees with work-related and non-work-related illnesses and injuries to stay at work or return to work for a limited and specified amount of time while they are recovering and healing with the goal of returning to full duty.

Temporary modified work is sought in the employee’s home department as the first option with alternate areas available.

To request assistance, call 714-456-5736 or email mcwcdm@uci.edu.

Interactive Process

The Interactive Process assists employees with disabilities or medical conditions in over-coming work-related restrictions or limitations through conversations and reasonable accommodation requests.

To request assistance, call 714-456-5736 or email mcwcdm@uci.edu.

Ergonomic Program

The Ergonomic Program provides assistance to employees to prevent the pain and suffering, as well as costs to the University, associated with ergonomic related injuries.

This is done through a combination of workplace training, evaluation of workstations and work practices, and the implementation of ergonomic control strategies.

To request assistance, contact Yvonne Ybarra at 714-456-4889, by cell at 714-227-2098 or email ybarray@uci.edu.

Supervisor & Employee Resources

Request an Accommodation

To request an accommodation through any of the above programs, fax a doctor's note to Occupational Health at 714-456-6540.

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