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Labor & Employee Relations

Labor & Employee Relations advises UCI Health management on fair labor practices, assists with contract negotiations between management and five unions, which represent seven units of employees.

Our subject matter expertise includes:

  • Union relations
  • Contract administration and interpretation
  • Policy administration and interpretation
  • Grievance and staff complaint administration
  • Union business leave/time administration
  • Requests for information
  • Contract bargaining

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Elaine Washington, Administrative Analyst
Phone: 714-456-5695
Fax: 855-395-9095
Email: washine1@uci.edu

HR Business Partners

Denise Germany
Phone: 714-456-6697
Fax: 855-395-9095

Email: dgermany@hs.uci.edu

Allison Shirley
Phone: 714-456-5174
Fax: 855-395-9095
Email: shirleya@uci.edu

Ashley Shear
Phone: 714-456-7876
Fax: 855-395-9095
Email: sheara@uci.edu

HR Generalists

Natasha Gonzalez
Phone: 714-456-5955
Fax: 855-395-9095
Email: natashmg@hs.uci.edu

Michelle Zapata
Phone: 714-456-7853
Fax: 855-395-9095
Email: mnzapata@uci.edu
Amanda Wingard
Phone: 714-456-6461
Fax: 855-395-9095
Email: brinka@@hs.uci.edu

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