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ARIISE Values & Service Behaviors

Each year, every employee at UCI Health makes a pledge to uphold our ARIISE values and service behaviors. These are the behaviors that we strive to live by, and they are rewarded.

ARIISE stands for:

  • A: Accountability

  • R: Respect

  • I: Integrity

  • I: Innovation

  • S: Service

  • E: Excellence

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We are responsible for the achievements of UCI Health.

  • I will follow through and meet my commitments.
  • I will be accountable for my actions and supportive of my colleagues.
  • I will present myself in appearance and actions in a manner than conveys professionalism and pride in my area of responsibility.
  • I will project a positive presence and ensure that my work-related or personal frustrations are kept separate from my patient care and professional activities.
  •  I will take responsibility for problems and solutions.
  • I will follow existing policies and procedures.


We foster an environment of mutual respect and trust among ourselves and with all whom we serve.

  • I will always be compassionate and empathetic for both patients and team members.
  • I will make eye contact, smile and greet every individual I meet, using the individual's name if I know it. 
  • I will treat all guests and co-workers with the utmost respect, dignity and courtesy, and honor their confidentiality.
  • I will arrive at meetings on time.
  • I will keep personal conversations with other employees out of earshot of patients and visitors.


We tell the truth and strive to earn the trust of those around us.

  • I will take pride in my work, being honest and accountable in my words and actions.
  • I will meet or exceed department defined service expectations.
  • I will make the right decision in the best interest of UCI Health.


We seek ideas and approaches that can change the way the world discovers, teaches and heals.

  • I will approach my work creatively and continuously look for new and flexible ways to solve problems.
  • I will encourage and implement ideas to improve safety, customer service and operational performance.
  • I will work to create efficient and effective systems so that I do not spend my time repeating and fixing problems.
  • I will initiate and support change.


As departments and individuals, we collaborate to effectively and compassionately serve our patients, each other and the community.

  • I will anticipate others' needs.
  • I will maintain a calm, quiet, healing environment.
  • I will accept my assignments graciously and carry out my duties with pride.
  • I will recognize that every individual has an area of expertise and his or her contribution is valuable.
  • I will keep patients, families and team members informed about time, thank the person for waiting and apologize for delays.


We are committed to achieving the highest level of excellence in patient care, discovery and education.

  • I will demonstrate pride.
  • I will practice humility.
  • I will embrace greatness.
  • I will encourage and praise others for work well done.
  • I will learn to grow, developing myself and others personally and professionally.
  • I will be accurate and strive for excellence.

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