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Brain Tumor Program: Our Team

We at UCI Health have the largest and most experienced brain and spine tumor team in Orange County. That means we can provide you with the expert, effective care you need. Our medical team includes some of the nation’s leading experts in neuro-oncology, radiation therapy and neurosurgery. We work together to offer you the best care possible.

Our multispecialty approach

We are the only program in Orange County whose patients receive care from physicians with years of specialized (fellowship) training in brain and spine tumor care. We combine expertise and innovative treatments with a compassionate touch to help you achieve the best possible results.

Our team delivers all of your care with an unwavering focus on your unique needs and personal preferences.

We deliver and coordinate a range of services to meet your every need, including:

  • Accurate diagnosis: UCI Health offers a broad array of tests to help you get the most accurate possible diagnosis. Learn more about diagnosing brain and spine tumors ›
  • Care for any brain tumor: We deliver comprehensive care for any brain and spine tumor diagnosis. See a list of the types of tumors we treat.
  • A large panel of experts who guide care: Our tumor board includes nearly 40 experts who meet weekly to plan personalized treatments for our most complex cases.
  • Clinical trials: UCI Health is leading the way in brain and spine tumor care. We are at the center of many exciting discoveries and are often among the first to offer new treatments through clinical trials. Read about our research and clinical trials ›
  • Second opinions: We are the only program in Orange County with experts in all aspects of brain and spine tumor care, which is why patients and referring physicians put their trust in our recommendations. Learn more about second opinions ›

Meet our team

With the UCI Health brain and spine tumor team, you are never alone on your journey. Our large brain and spine tumor team includes physicians and other dedicated specialists who help manage your day-to-day care.

Your care team includes:

Neuro-oncologists: Neuro-oncologists use medications to fight brain and spine tumors. UCI Health is home to four dedicated neuro-oncologists, including world-renowned expert Daniela Bota, MD. We offer access to innovative treatments, such as vaccines that have been demonstrated to extend our patients’ survival.

We also are one of few hospitals in the nation with a neuro-oncology hospitalist. This specialist is dedicated to coordinating the unique in-hospital (inpatient) needs of our brain and spine tumor patients. If you are hospitalized for any reason, our hospitalist sees you daily, which can help you get the most out of treatments while avoiding complications.

Neurosurgeons: Our UCI Health neurosurgeons are experts in the most advanced techniques for treating and removing tumors of the brain.

Radiation oncologists: These physicians use carefully targeted and powerful beams of radiation to destroy cancer cells. Our radiation therapy program offers all the latest techniques and technologies.

Neuropathologists: These pathologists have advanced training in diagnosing diseases of the brain and the nervous system. By studying the biology and molecular gene expression of biopsy tissue samples, they can determine the exact type of tumor, which can guide treatment decisions.

Neuroradiologists: Neuroradiologists evaluate abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord by interpreting computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and angiograms. These imaging techniques can help to distinguish tumor progression from treatment response, define the outer limits of infiltrating tumors, and allow neurosurgeons to plan the safest possible procedures.

Our neuroradiologists, led by Dr. Anton N. Hasso, also can deliver chemotherapy just to tumor blood vessels or embolize (break apart) tumors in preparation for surgery.

Neurointensivists: These are fellowship-trained, board-certified specialists in neurology and medical intensive care. They staff Orange County's only Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (Neuro-ICU).

Neuropsychologists: These are specially trained psychologist who can help individuals cope with the mental and emotional stresses and conditions associated with brain and spine tumors. They can help patients maintain and improve their quality of life during treatment and rehabilitation.

Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs): Our PAs and NPs are certified, licensed medical professionals who have completed specialized training in caring for the unique needs of cancer patients. NPs and PAs assist our physicians by delivering a range of services, which may include taking your medical history or treating your side effects.

Nurse coordinators: Our nurse coordinators have years of experience helping patients navigate their cancer care. This may include coordinating tests, treatments and support services. You may call our nurse coordinators any time you have a question or concern.

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