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Hearing and Ear Disorders

Our ears connect us to the outside world. They also contribute to our sense of balance. When our ears don't function as they should, it can be frustrating, life-limiting and socially isolating.

More than 36 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss, often the result of repeated exposure to loud noises.

Our hearing and ear disorder specialists are nationally regarded experts in the most advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments for all ear conditions.

Above all, our highly trained physicians are dedicated to providing you with the best, most compassionate care to preserve your hearing, health and your quality of life.

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Our UCI Health hearing and ear specialists treat a wide range of diseases and disorders that can affect your balance or the way you hear.

Among the conditions we treat are:

We also specialize in caring for children with diseases and disorders affecting the ear. The unique nature of ear conditions in children requires a highly personalized approach with each patient.

At UCI Health, we have one of the highest volumes of pediatric ear surgeries in the region. We also work with board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists who understand the special anatomic, psychological, physiological and pharmacological needs of children.

Diagnosis of ear problems can involve a physical exam, hearing tests with our audiologists and possibly imaging. Once a diagnosis is made, we create a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Our expert physicians are also researchers. This means that we are able to provide the most cutting-edge treatments for hearing and ear disorders, all backed by the latest research.

Depending on the cause of your problem, treatment may involve:

An estimated 36 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss, including nearly half of all adults who are age 75 or older.

Nearly 90 percent of people who struggle with hearing loss can be helped by a vast array of hearing technologies now available. However only one in five people who could benefit from hearing aids actually uses them, according to the National Institutes of Health.

At the UCI Health Audiology Center, our highly trained audiologists work with our hearing and ear disorder physicians to:

  • Evaluate your hearing loss
  • Determine the best treatment method
  • Help you choose an hearing device

We diagnose and treat all types of hearing loss, from mild hearing difficulties to profound deafness.

Learn more about treatments at the Audiology Center ›

Our UCI Health hearing and ear disorders team is led by Dr. Hamid Djalilian, who is nationally regarded for his expertise in the treatment of diseases and conditions that affect the ears.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. This means that at Orange County's only university medical center, we are able to work with surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, audiologists and others as needed to bring you the most complete care possible.

Few places anywhere offer this kind of expertise under one roof.

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