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Evaluation Process

The process of getting cochlear implants first involves a thorough evaluation of your hearing, as well as imaging and other tests. The evaluation process includes:

Audiological evaluation

  • Specialized hearing testing is performed to evaluate the degree of hearing loss and your ability to understand speech.
  • If you have hearing aids, your hearing aids are evaluated to assure they are the best fit for your hearing loss.
  • Further testing with your hearing aids are performed to see how the hearing aid(s) compare to the anticipated results from an implant.
  • If it is determined that the cochlear implant can provide better hearing for you than your hearing aids, you are deemed a candidate.

Initial consultation

  • Your medical evaluation starts with a consultation with one of our neurotologists, Dr. Hamid Djalilian or Dr. Harrison Lin.
  • A careful history will be obtained looking into the cause and duration of the hearing loss, ability and mode of communication.
  • Complete examination of the head and neck.
  • Consultation with an ophthalmologist or geneticist may be needed.
  • If the medical evaluation reveals that you are a candidate, imaging is performed.

Imaging studies

  • A CT scan (a 3D X-ray) of your temporal bone in your ear is obtained
  • Sometimes an MRI of the hearing nerves is needed, as well


Obtaining insurance approval is often the longest step in the process of getting cochlear implants. We have expert reimbursement specialists available. They will work with your insurance company to obtain for approval of the procedure.

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