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Pediatric Ear Surgery

Ear diseases that develop in children are unique. This unique nature requires a personalized approach to each child and an understanding of how they differ from adult patients.

Experienced surgeons

At UCI Health, we understand children and their needs. Our pediatric ear surgeon is one of the most experienced in Southern California, performing a high volume of these types of surgeries.

Pediatric anesthesiology

Anesthesia for pediatric patients, for example, requires an understanding of how children differ anatomically, psychologically, physiologically and pharmacologically, from adults.

It's also important to understand how these differences affect the anesthesiologist’s ability to maintain homeostasis and provide necessary operative conditions during surgery and the post-anesthetic recovery period.

The pediatric anesthesiology service at UC Irvine comprises of board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists who are experts at treating children.


Common procedures performed on pediatric patients at UC Irvine include:

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