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Salivary Glands

Salivary glands are located in the head and neck and are essential for the processes of chewing, swallowing and maintaining proper oral hygiene.

They are responsible for saliva production, which keeps the mouth moist and the teeth healthy. Saliva also helps in the food digestion process. Our specialists are experts on the salivary glands and are able to accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions that affect them.

The salivary glands

There are three pairs of major salivary glands and hundreds of minor salivary glands located around the mouth, palate, cheeks and the nasal cavity.

The major salivary glands are:

  • Two parotid glands: The parotid glands are located under the skin in front of the ear overlying the jaw bone. They are the largest salivary glands.
  • Two submandibular glands: The submandibular glands are located underneath the jaw.
  • Two sublingual glands: The sublingual glands are in the mouth, underneath the tongue.

Conditions and treatments

Our salivary gland experts treat a variety of conditions that affect these important glands, including:

To treat these and other conditions, our specialists are skilled in a number of techniques, including:

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