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Salivary Gland Tumors

Salivary gland tumors are benign, non-cancerous growths that are often removed without need for further treatment.


Salivary gland tumors are felt as painless masses in the salivary glands. They most commonly occur either in the front of the ear (parotid tumor), below the jaw (submandibular), in the mouth (sublingual) or tongue (minor salivary gland tumor).


The most common salivary gland tumor is a pleomorphic adenoma, which most commonly occurs in the parotid gland (near the ear).

Warthin’s tumor is another salivary gland tumor. It most commonly occurs in the parotid gland. Warthin’s tumor almost exclusively occurs in male smokers, however it is benign.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis is made with fine needle aspiration. During fine needle aspiration, fluid is removed from the tumor and viewed under a microscope.

Tumor treatment involves removal of the entire mass. 

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