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KTP Laser Therapy

KTP laser therapy is a treatment for vocal cord lesions, including papilloma and dysplasia.

There are several benefits to laser treatment:

  • It eliminates the need for general anesthesia or sedation
  • There is minimal risk to surrounding healthy tissue
  • You can go home the same day

The procedure

Laser surgery is performed in the office while you are awake.

After your nose is numbed with a topical anesthetic, a small, thin camera is then placed through the nose into your throat. A laser fiber is then threaded through the scope and the laser is aimed at the affected tissue.

The laser cuts off the blood supply of the diseased tissue, which causes it to come off. Normal tissue is left  behind in its place and is undamaged.


The primary advantage of laser therapy is that it can be done in the office. It is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't require sedation, which means you can drive yourself to treatment and return to your normal activities the same day.

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