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Musculoskeletal Program

The musculoskeletal system is made up of bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, muscles and nerves. A problem with this system can have a negative impact on your quality of life.

The UCI Health Musculoskeletal Program brings together the top specialists in Orange County to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues.

We offer expert diagnosis of acute and chronic conditions, treatments for conditions that have not responded to conventional therapies, second opinions and the latest expert care for chronic, degenerative conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to find the best and most effective course of treatment based on your unique condition and needs so you can get back to living your life.

To schedule an evaluation, call 714-456-7012.

The UCI Health Musculoskeletal Program combines the expertise of some of the best surgeons and specialists in the United States, all working collaboratively to treat your pain and restore your quality of life.

  • The Orthopedic Surgery Services team has been repeatedly recognized by their peers for their excellence and innovative approach to the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Our spine specialists performed the West Coast's first robot-assisted spine surgery, using the innovative SpineAssist® surgery system.
  • Our pain management team at the Center for Pain and Wellness takes a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, relieving symptoms, restoring function and promoting emotional health. 
  • The healthcare providers at the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute integrate the best of conventional Western medicine with the most effective alternative therapies, including massage therapy and acupuncture.
  • Our Physical Medicine & Rehabiltation specialists provide access to the latest treatments and are continuously conducting basic science research focused on rehabilitation and regenerative medicine. Their researchers are also leading pioneering studies into stem-cell therapy for spinal cord injury, which could help people living with paralysis to walk.
  • The Sports Medicine team offer care and treatment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels. They focus on injury prevention and provide personalize treatment so you are free to pursue your favorite activities.

To make an appointment, call 714-456-7012.

Musculoskeletal problems affect more than 35 million people in the United States, causing pain, disability and negatively impacting quality of life.

To treat issues affecting this system, the UCI Health Musculoskeletal Program brings specialists in the muscoloskeletal system together to provide you with a whole-body view of your condition. Our team then works with you to find tailored treatment options that meet your needs and goals.  

Our goal is to restore your quality of life and get you back to where you want to be.

What we offer

  • Expert diagnosis of both acute and chronic conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system
  • Treatment for conditions that have not responded to conventional therapies
  • Collaborative, multidisciplinary care backed by the latest research 

Why choose us?

  • Our physicians are researchers and are currently studying all facets of musculoskeletal disease, then passing that knowledge on to our patients.
  • Our physicians are pioneers in their specialties. For example, our spine surgeons were the first to perform a robot-assisted spine surgery on the West Coast.
  • Our patients have access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment and therapies, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, imaging-guided treatment, and imaging for soft-tissue and bone tumors.

To schedule an evaluation, call 714-456-7012.

To schedule an evaluation, call 714-456-7012.

Orthopedic Surgery


One of the core missions of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery is to advance musculoskeletal medicine and healthcare. In service of this mission, we have four full-time research laboratories:

  • Bone Biomechanics Laboratory: The laboratory focuses on developing new surgical techniques and treatment modalities for patients with metastases in bone and is developing new tools for identifying patients at risk of osteoporotic or pathologic hip fracture.
  • Neuromuscular Research Laboratory (P.I.: Vince J. Caiozzo, PhD): Dr. Vince Caiozzo’s laboratory focuses on muscle physiology and mechanics, especially in regard to space exploration and orthopedics.
  • Orthopaedic Biomechanics Research Laboratory (P.I.: Thay Q Lee, PhD ) Dr. Thay Lee’s laboratory focuses orthopaedic applied biomechanics research with an emphasis on shoulder and knee as related to sports injuries and joint replacement.
  • Peripheral Nerve Research Laboratory ( P.I.: Ranjan Gupta, M.D.) Dr. Ranjan Gupta’s laboratory focuses on the Schwann cell control of neural injury with an emphasis on understanding the molecular pathogenesis of chronic nerve injuries, improving treatments for spinal cord injury, and exploring the role of neural injury with rotator cuff injuries.
  • DELTAi (Driving Engineering & Life-science Translational Advances @ Irvine) is studying the cellular, biochemical and biomechanical characteristics of cartilage. The team will then use this information to create novel approaches to improve or replace cartilage in patients where it has worn away (osteoarthritis).
  • UC Irvine Space Cycle, led by Vince J. Caiozzo, PhD, investigates the importance of acceleration in exercise training and cardiovascular function. The cycle is a self-powered human centrifuge. 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is leading research in the areas of:

  • Spinal cord injury and regeneration of the injured central nervous system
  • Technologies for rehabilitation movement training after traumatic neurologic injury

Pain Management 

The research mission of UCI Health Center for Pain and Wellness is to dynamically lead the way in clarifying key concepts in both the diagnosis and treatment of elusive pain concepts the larger medical community is just beginning to understand.

Investigators within the Center for Pain & Wellness at UCI Health have developed new techniques to reduce the amount of pain their patients experience and to improve their quality of life. This includes an array of procedures, investigations on the feasibility, the outcomes of regional techniques, new treatments. The center's research mission is to lead the way in the diagnosis and treatment of elusive pain concepts that the medical community is just starting to understand.

Integrative Medicine

The Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute is conducting research in several areas, including:

  • Fundamental neurobiology of stress
  • Healing touch intervention
  • Dietary and exercise approaches to aging and dementia
To schedule an evaluation with the Musculoskeletal Program, call 714-456-7012.
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