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Lower Extremity Pain

Lower extremity pain has many causes, including trauma and infection as well as normal wear-and-tear.

Some of the most common types of lower extremity pain include:

Foot pain

Foot pain is a particularly severe condition as it causes a life-altering decrease in mobility. Foot pain may lead to altered walking patterns that over time may predispose you to develop arthritis in your hips and knees.

In addition, it may lead to chronic back problems. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis are two common causes of foot pain.

Chronic knee pain

Chronic knee pain is a particularly difficult condition because it often severely alters your ability to move around.

Chronic pain of the knee, whether from arthritis or injury, leads to altered walking patterns that over time may predispose you to develop arthritis in your knee and/or hip. It may also lead to chronic back problems. Chronic knee pain can exist both before and after knee replacement surgery.

Hip pain

Pain of the hip is one of the most commonly reported pain conditions. Hip pain is often due to osteoarthritis, which causes inflammation and pain of this important joint.

The pain is usually located throughout the hip region with frequent radiation into the buttocks. Some describe popping or grating sensations when they move.

This debilitating condition can make the simplest of everyday tasks almost impossible. If the hip joint is left untreated, you will continue to experience decreased mobility and function. This decrease in functionality will result in even greater pain symptoms over time.

Cervical stenosis

Cervical stenosis is a condition in which the spinal canal narrows and "crowds" the spinal cord. Mild crowding may just produce pain in the neck, but progressive crowding of the spinal canal may lead to muscle weakness of the arms or legs and shooting pain into the extremities. This condition requires prompt evaluation by a physician.

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