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Radiology FAQ

Why is breast imaging important in breast cancer care?

Diagnostic breast imaging, including mammography and ultrasound, is crucial to early detection of the clinical signs and symptoms of breast disease.

Mammography screening can result in earlier detection of suspicious masses. Early detection can result in better therapeutic options, such as a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. The chances of survival are also higher when cancer is detected early.

How do UCI Health breast imaging services differ from what is offered elsewhere?

As Orange County’s only academic medical system, UCI Health radiologists are at the forefront of developing and implementing the most advanced radiologic procedures and technology.

They are skilled at performing the most sophisticated procedures, including biopsies using MRI, stereotactic and ultrasound imaging, for more accurate diagnoses and better cosmetic results.

What will my breast imaging experience be like?

Because we offer true multidisciplinary breast health services — with surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and genetic counselors who work together — UCI Health provides more convenient, faster and better care.

Can family members accompany me during my radiology procedure?

To ensure privacy for all of our patients, we ask that you bring only those family members or friends necessary for your travel or moral support. Family members and friends are asked to wait for the patient in a designated seating area.

Is cell phone use allowed in your facility?

Cell phones are allowed in our imaging facilities. However, we ask that you, your family member or friend place or take calls outside. This ensures a calm, relaxing atmosphere for our other patients and their families.

If my doctor is not affiliated with UCI Health, can my imaging be done at your facilities?

Yes. Please contact our appointment scheduling desk at 714-456-7237 to verify that your insurance will cover services provided through UCI Health.

How long will my examination take?

The duration of your examination or procedure depends on the type of study your physician has ordered.

In general, your visit time (from arrival until the end of your study or procedure) can range from about 45 minutes to as long as three hours.

When may I request copies of my examination report?

After our radiologist (the physician who interprets the results of your examination) finalizes the report, you may request copies.

For an explanation of these results, you should consult with your referring doctor.

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