Arrival of rare virus prompts warnings

UCI Health expert discusses symptoms of rare respiratory disease

September 19, 2014
Dr. Shruti Gohil, UCI Health associate medical director of epidemiology and infectious disease

IN THE NEWS: With confirmation that enterovirus-68 has sickened four children in Southern California and is expected to spread, UCI Health infectious disease specialist Dr. Shruti Gohil says parents should watch for symptoms that include breathing difficulties, wheezing and a prolonged dry cough.

The cough would be severe enough to cause the abdomen to heave, Gohil tells the OC Register. In more than two-thirds of cases, patients have not displayed a fever, despite being ill, she says. Another sign of the enterovirus is the presence of a blister or blisters on the inner part of the lips. 

Gohil, associate medical director for epidemiology and infection prevent at UC Irvine Medical Center, also suggests steps parents can take to reduce their family's risk of exposure.

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