Things not to say to someone who has had weight-loss surgery

January 21, 2015

IN THE NEWS: Although many weight-loss patients are open about their experiences, there are still some questions that are simply insensitive or inappropriate to ask, whether or not you realize it. Health Magazine asks UCI Health surgeon Dr. Brian Smith about some of the most common (and offensive) remarks, and why it may be a better idea to keep your mouth closed.

Some "don'ts" include:

  • Don’t say: “You’re so lucky you can eat anything you want now!”
  • Don’t ask: “Why didn’t you just try dieting and exercising?”
  • Don’t ask: “Do you have a lot of extra skin?”
  • Don’t say: “You don’t look like you’ve lost that much weight.”
  • Don’t ask: “So you’ll lose weight without having to do anything?”

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