Code Lavender program brings healing to healthcare workers

November 04, 2021

IN THE NEWS: UCI Health launched its Code Lavender program in 2018 to provide support and care to its healthcare workers after a stressful or traumatic event.

The Orange County Register interviewed UCI Health Chaplain Pirjo Carlisle about the program and its benefits.

“We’re not a religious institution, but we are very spiritual,” Carlisle told the Orange County Register. “It’s important for me as a chaplain that every single person feels valued regardless of their religion.”

When a Code Lavender request is made, the Code Lavender team wheels out two carts. One has a lavender diffuser, snacks and candy and another has stress-relieving teas and plays calming music. This is typically done in a conference room or lounge where staff members congregate.

“When you have a few minutes of calm, it can help you deal with your grief and your emotions, and continue with your work more effectively.”

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