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AI has potential to streamline healthcare administration

Technology has potential to handle coding, billing and more, says UCI Health expert

May 08, 2024

IN THE NEWS: Artificial intelligence is appearing in a variety of sectors to mixed reactions.

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Dr. Deepti Pandita, the chief medical information officer for UCI Health, says the technology holds promise for streamlining often time-consuming tasks for clinicians, such as responding to messages, charting, billing and prior authorizations.

Despite that, she told Healio, there is work that remains.

“These models ... look very good, but you have to dive a little deeper to make sure they’re actually doing the work that you want them to do. And is it work that is reliable, trustworthy and transparent so you can actually use the models as designed? We don’t think that AI is going to replace clinicians anytime soon, but it will reduce the cognitive burden.”

Pandita was the moderator and co-panelist of a session on AI at the American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting. She is the vice president of clinical informatics and an internal medicine physician and an associate professor of medicine and clinical informatics at UCI School of Medicine.

Her passion and research are to continue working to create health equity in the space of telemedicine for all underserved populations beyond the pandemic. Pandita is also engaged in digital innovation and seeking novel solutions to ease cognitive burden of clinical teams and promote wellness.

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