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Having trouble sleeping? Check your salt intake

Too much or too little of the essential mineral can be disruptive

May 31, 2024

IN THE NEWS: Count your salt intake as one of the many factors in whether you get a solid night of REM sleep. Studies show that too much or too little can contribute to sleep disturbances. 

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Dr. Jaclyn Leong, a specialist in the integrative medicine and obesity medicine departments at the UCI Health Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, spoke to MDLinx about how to strike the right balance.

“The optimal level of salt intake should be personalized for each patient. While low-salt diets are effective for blood pressure control, individuals with high activity levels or minimal comorbid conditions might be deficient if they’re not consuming enough salt.”

In fact, sodium needs not only vary from person to person: They vary from day to day, depending on activity levels and sleep quality.

Leong is a board-certified UCI Health internist who specializes in primary care medicine, integrative health, chronic disease management and preventive medicine.

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