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Why you should get the flu vaccine now

December 15, 2023
IN THE NEWS: It takes about three weeks to receive the full immune response to the flu vaccine, says UCI Health family medicine expert.

A UCI Health spine surgeon’s proudest moments of 2023

December 15, 2023
IN THE NEWS: Becker’s Spine Review spoke to UCI Health orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hao-Hua Wu about one of the highlights that stood out to him in...

How to protect yourself from Rocky Mountain spotted fever

December 15, 2023
IN THE NEWS: Children are especially vulnerable to the tick-borne illness.

The 2023 UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge raises $1 million for critical cancer research

A woman is elated as she nears the finish line of the 2023 UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge.
December 14, 2023
All funds raised go directly to support promising pilot projects and clinical trials with the potential to beat cancer.

A ‘tripledemic’ looms this winter, experts warn

December 13, 2023
IN THE NEWS: Infections with COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus and the flu are trending up as expected so far, says UCI Health infectious...

The secret to waking up refreshed

uci health sleep medicine specialist dr. rami khayat in his office wearing a stethoscope and sitting on an exam bed bathed in blue light; dr khayat explains the importance of REM sleep
December 13, 2023
IN THE NEWS: The rapid-eye movement stage of sleep is important for mental health, cognition and alertness, among other things.

UCI Health clinician Adrian Preda named editor-in-chief of Psychiatric News

dr adrian preda american psychiatric association in front of a blue background wearing a dark suit white shirt and red and blue striped tie
December 13, 2023
The organization is the official news service of the American Psychiatric Association.

UCI Health enrolls patient in first U.S. study of medical device for erectile dysfunction

dr faysal yafi in a brightly lit hospital hallway wearing glasses and a white coat
December 08, 2023
UCI Health is testing the efficacy of a handheld radiofrequency device to treat erectile dysfunction.

Routine post-treatment imaging of head and neck cancer patients may not be necessary, UCI-led study finds

December 07, 2023
Routine scans were not linked with improved outcomes. Instead, they often led to more false positives.

Small steps toward sustainability lead to big outcomes

uci health director of facilities joe brothman wearing a dark suit, white shirt standing in the central utilities plant in front of blue and yellow pipes
December 07, 2023
IN THE NEWS: UCI Health made the switch to battery-powered grounds equipment. The benefits were immediate.