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Low muscle mass diminishes quality of life, says UCI Health expert

October 27, 2023
IN THE NEWS: The consequences of a lack of strength are far-reaching and potentially deadly.

Treating white cataracts requires expertise

uci health gavin herbert eye institute ophthalmologist dr. marjam farid wearing a white coat standing in an office with eye equipment
October 27, 2023
IN THE NEWS: UCI Health ophthalmologist Dr. Marjan Farid discusses her approach to the complex condition.

UCI Health co-workers honored for embodiment of health system values

uci health ariise award winners stand in two rows holding their awards
October 24, 2023
All colleagues at UCI Health strive to uphold the health system’s values: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Service and...

A decade of visionary achievement

uci health ophthalmologist and chair of gavin herbert eye institute Baruch Kupperman standing near stairwell wearing white coat
October 23, 2023
In its first decade, the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute has transformed the landscape of eye care in Orange County and beyond.

UCI Health purchases GenesisCare radiation oncology centers

October 23, 2023
The acquisition expands patient access to world-class, academic cancer care in Orange County.

Leading the way in cancer care

Dr. Richard Van Etten, director of the UCI Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, wears a hard hat during a visit to the new cancer center under construction in Irvine.
October 18, 2023
The UCI Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center will soon triple the space it has to deliver the most advanced cancer care.

Enhanced bathing routine reduces nursing home infections

October 10, 2023
An AHRQ-funded study finds that universal decolonization also lowers hospital transfers.

Large clinical trial finds best way to prevent life-threatening healthcare-associated ICU infections

October 10, 2023
The antibiotic ointment Mupirocin outperformed a nasal antiseptic solution against Staphylococcus infections in a study of 137 U.S. hospital ICUs.

How to slow the rise of the superbug

October 06, 2023
IN THE NEWS: The answer lies in antibiotic stewardship, says UCI Health infectious disease expert.

Know your blood pressure numbers, says UCI expert

October 04, 2023
IN THE NEWS: Young adults with untreated high blood pressure risk serious health complications later.