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UCI Health commemorates National Gun Violence Awareness Day

uci health chief operating officer Nathan Shinagawa addressed coworkers at its national gun violence awareness day event
June 02, 2023
Attendees clad in vibrant orange attire, the color hunters wear for safety now worn to honor lives lost to gun violence, gathered at UCI Medical...

New hospital powered by robust emergency backup system

uci health director of facilities and general services wearing white shirt and dark sports coat in front of brown wall smiling
June 01, 2023
IN THE NEWS: In the event of a blackout, UCI Health — Irvine is fully prepared to continue operations.

Renal cancer diagnoses spike for Black Americans

May 31, 2023
IN THE NEWS: Accessing quality care for kidney cancer — and many conditions — is a challenge for Black Americans.

UCI Health COO sees opportunities as system expands into south OC

aerial view of the uci health irvine academic health system campus looking north toward the san joaquin marsh reserve
May 31, 2023
IN THE NEWS: UCI Health Chief Operating Officer Nathan Shinagawa spoke to Becker’s Hospital Review about the academic health system’s...

Lifesaving overdose reversal drug still difficult to access

uci health emergency medicine physician bharath chakravarthy, center wearing white shirt, leads residents in a class; chakravarthy talked to the guardian about barriers to accessing naloxone
May 25, 2023
IN THE NEWS: Although Naloxone is now sold over the counter, many who could benefit have trouble getting it.

People with superior thinking skills into their 90s are resilient to some memory loss disorders, a UCI-led study shows.

Older woman takes timed cognition test as part of the UC Irvine 90+ Study
May 24, 2023
Cognitively healthy people who live to be at least age 90 are resilient to some diseases that cause memory loss, a UCI-led study shows.

Organization honors UCI Health for environmental initiatives

2023 practice greenhealth environmental excellence awards logo green letters on white background with laurel leaves on both sides
May 18, 2023
UCI Health has once again been recognized as a national leader in environmental sustainability by Practice Greenhealth, earning two Circle of...

One third of Americans are regularly exposed to loud noises

uci health otolaryngologist hamid djalilian standing outside in white coat and blue tie arms crossed djalilian spoke to healthline about hearing damage as one ages
May 17, 2023
IN THE NEWS: One-third of Americans are regularly exposed to loud noises, compounding age-related hearing loss.

UCI Health expert: diversity in medicine key to solving maternal death crisis

uci health maternal fetal expert carol major wearing white coat and smiling, major talked to yahoo about the rising maternal death rate in the united states
May 16, 2023
IN THE NEWS: UCI Health high-risk pregnancy expert Dr. Carol Major talks to Yahoo! News about solutions to the maternal death crisis.

UCI Health trauma surgeon recognized during Heroes with Heart ceremony

uci health trauma surgeon Jeffry Nahmias right, with Dr. Elliot Silver, chief surgical resident and future trauma and critical care fellow with UCI Health and UCI School of Medicine, holding the Heroes with Heart Gala Marianne Cinat MD Memorial Award in front of white black and red baloons
May 11, 2023
Trauma surgeon Dr. Jeffry Nahmias was honored by Trauma Intervention Partners for going above and beyond the call of duty.