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Cost of Care: Pricing Transparency

At UCI Health, we are committed to transparency about our services and their cost, providing you with answers to your questions about healthcare prices.

UCI Health has a list of standard hospital charges, referred to as the Charge Description Master (CDM). This is a comprehensive, machine-readable file that provides a detailed list of retail charges for both inpatient and outpatient hospital procedures and services.

The hospital charges on our CDM are listed by item and are subject to change. Please note: Our hospital CDM includes only charges for hospital services; physician charges are not included.

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In addition to our Charge Description Master (CDM), we have published a list of our hospital’s charges for inpatient cases which is grouped by Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG). See average charges for each DRG.

Learn more about our price estimator tool to calculate and understand the potential out-of-pocket cost of a service or procedure at UCI Health.

Financial assistance

UCI Health offers discounted care to low-income, uninsured and underinsured patients through our Financial Assistance program.

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