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Blood Disorder Services

Our UCI Health hematology specialists provide the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for blood disorders that range from anemia and platelet disorders to leukemia.

Blood disorders are grouped into two categories: Benign (noncancerous) conditions are treated by hematologists. Malignant (cancerous) diseases are treated by hematological oncologists. In both cases, diagnoses can be made rapidly by our UCI Health laboratory specialists, allowing our physicians to get patients into treatment without delay.

Throughout this process, hematologists, hematological oncologists, nurses, dietitians, pathologists, radiologists and other professionals work as a team. Together, they provide comprehensive, coordinated care for patients with blood disorders of all kinds.

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Our hematologists evaluate, diagnose and treat noncancerous blood disorders, including:

  • Bleeding disorders, including hemophilia
  • Bone marrow disorders
  • Cytopenias, including anemia and thrombocytopenia
  • Hemoglobinopathies, including sickle cell disease and thalassemia
  • Immune hematologic disorders
  • Iron metabolism disorders
  • Myeloproliferative diseases
  • Platelet disorders
  • Thrombophilias, inherited and acquired

UC Irvine Medical Center is the most comprehensive resource for benign blood disorders in Orange County.

Our hematologic oncologists diagnose and treat cancerous blood diseases, including:

  • Leukemias 
  • Lymphomas 
  • Multiple myeloma 

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For bone-marrow transplant procedures, we have an affiliation with UCLA, one of the leading centers for this procedure in the United States. We offer pre- and post-transplant services at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, which minimizes travel for our Orange County patients.

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