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Your questions about colon health answered (video)

April 06, 2017 | UCI Health
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UCI Health gastroenterologists Dr. Jason Samarasena and Dr. William Karnes.

UCI Health gastroenterologists Dr. Jason Samarasena and Dr. William Karnes recently went live on Facebook to answer questions about colon cancer, diagnosis and prevention, such as:

  • How accurate are at-home stool tests?
  • Are low-residue diets the new standard for prep?
  • How much discomfort is associated with colonoscopy?

"We diagnose colon cancer way too often in our practice, and it's preventable," says Samarasena. About 50,000 people die every year from the disease.

"It's a really big problem and it doesn't need to be."

Dr. Karnes notes that one in 20 people will die from colon cancer if they don't get screened for it.

Although colonoscopies are the "gold standard" for screening, some people are reluctant to discuss their colorectal health because they're embarrassed to do so.

"Don't be embarrassed to death," cautions Karnes.

Watch to learn more about colon cancer and colonoscopies.

Watch the Facebook Live

 UCI Health gastroenterologists jason samarasena and william karnes

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