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An older, smiling, white woman is volunteering in a food bank.

The COVID-19 pandemic takes a heavy toll on seniors

March 07, 2023 | Valerie Elwell

UCI Health geriatrician Dr. Lisa Gibbs discusses how seniors can overcome setbacks and regain their health after experiencing the devastating... Read More

A staff member disinfects a hospital room.

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs: a looming health threat

March 03, 2023 | Sophia Papa

Superbugs are no ordinary germs: they have evolved to resist most antibiotics. They are not only increasing in number, antibiotic resistance also... Read More

older woman wearing striped shirt with dementia being comforted by another woman with dark hair

How to recognize dementia

March 02, 2023 | Heather Shannon

Dementia isn’t a specific disease but rather a term used to describe a constellation of symptoms, says Hayley B. Kristinsson, PsyD, a... Read More