Staff jobs at UC Irvine Medical Center are classified based on the duties and responsibilities assigned and exercised. As duties and responsibilities change, the position may be reclassified

About reclassification

Request a classification review whenever permanent and substantial changes in job duties occur.

Staff jobs at UC Irvine Medical Center are classified based on the duties and responsibilities assigned and exercised. The following criteria may be required in order for a position to be considered for reclassification:

  • Changes in the nature, variety and difficulty of work
  • Changes in supervision received
  • Changes in supervision exercised
  • The position has undergone significant changes in level of responsibility since last reviewed
  • More than 50 percent of a position's responsibilities are at the higher level
  • The position (not the incumbent) is being reclassified for bona fide business reasons

Note: work volume/workload, performance, longevity, retention, salary issues and job performance do not justify reclassification. Reclassification may result in a higher, lower or lateral classification.

Initiating the process

If you believe reclassification is appropriate for a member of your staff, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP).  If you wish to initiate the reclassification review of your own position, please speak with your direct supervisor first.

Once received, the request will be forwarded to Compensation to formally review and process the request.

The following documents are required for a reclassification review:

  • Red-lined job descriptions (turn on tracking in Word)
  • Current and proposed org chart
  • Justification request

Please consider the following questions to help qualify your request:

  • What major changes in duties and responsibilities have occurred?
  • What skills and knowledge are required to perform assigned duties?
  • What is the relationship of this position to others in the unit?
  • What primary areas of responsibility are assigned to the position now?
  • How does position compare to similar positions elsewhere?
  • What is the consequence of error?
  • Is this a supervisory position?
  • With what degree of independence does this position operate?
  • What guidelines are used in the performance of duties?
  • What level of innovation is required?

Compensation’s process

Reclassification requests are processed by Compensation. When Compensation receives a reclassification request, the employee’s direct supervisor, Human Resources Business Partner, and employee are told:

  • That the request has been received
  • If the request is complete (incomplete requests are returned to the department, with a request for missing information)
  • Which compensation consultant is reviewing the request
  • The estimated time frame for review

Compensation analyzes classification requests to ensure pay equity and consistent application of classification standards at UC Irvine and in the greater UC system.

The reviewer in Compensation:

  • Reviews the information provided in the reclassification questionnair
  • Compares new job descriptions with previous job descriptions, class specification and series concepts, and other UC Irvine job descriptions
  • Clarifies information by contacting the employee, the supervisor, and, if appropriate—the department head and the subject matter experts
  • If approved, reclassifications are effective on the beginning of the next upcoming pay period

Reclassifications vs. Promotions

A promotion requires an employee to apply and be selected for a different position with a higher salary range maximum.

An upward reclassification assigns an employee's current position to a new payroll title with a potentially higher salary grade and range.

Departments may not fill a vacant position at a higher level by reassigning the duties to an employee at a lower level and submitting the action as a reclassification. If there is a vacant position and a department restructuring has occurred, contact Human Resources prior to making reassignments to ascertain whether a recruitment or reclassification is appropriate.

In consideration of UC Irvine Medical Center’s commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity, we ensure that all employees in similar job classifications have equal access to training and work experience so that new duties are assigned in a fair and legally defensible manner.