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Ablative Oncology Center

At the UCI Health Ablative Oncology Center, our physicians use the most advanced and least invasive methods to ablate — destroy — malignant tissue inside the body with heat or extreme cold.

These no-incision approaches, made possible by revolutionary advances in high-definition imaging and technology, are being used successfully to treat a growing spectrum of cancers.

Our team of highly skilled interventional radiologists, surgeons and other medical specialists are applying these targeted therapies to kill malignant and benign tumors in the body, while preserving surrounding tissues.

Because these procedures are often performed with thin needles inserted through the skin, our patients experience less pain and heal faster.

For more information about our ablative treatments, please call 714-456-7005.

At the UCI Health Ablative Oncology Center, our physicians are experts in the use of ablative methods to treat malignant and benign cancers in almost all body systems, including:
  • Bone
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Prostate
  • Uterus
Cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation are the most commonly applied energy sources. Others include:
  • Embolization
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Interstitial lasers
  • Irreversible electroporation (NanoKnife®)
  • Microwave ablation

In cryoablation, we use special needles to freeze tumors with tiny balls of ice colder than -100 degrees Celsius. This ice ball can be targeted so exactly that it destroys a tumor while preserving healthy tissue and nearby structures.

In radiofrequency ablation, a needle electrode is introduced through the skin or a small incision to heat the tumor to more than 50 degrees Celsius to kill the cancer cells.

Successful ablation depends on accurately placing the energy source and carefully monitoring its action on the tumor. Ultrasound, CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are the most commonly used tools for targeting and observing tissue ablation. At UC Irvine Medical Center, we have one of the world's most powerful MRI systems.

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The Ablative Oncology Center, located at UC Irvine Medical Center, is the nation's first multidisciplinary clinical and academic center—and the only one in Orange County—dedicated to the ablative care of disease. The center's team approach to destroying tumors inside the body with no incisions, is unique in clinical medicine.

The close collaboration of our vascular and interventional radiologists and our surgical specialists ensures accurate targeting of a patient’s tumor with probes delivering extreme cold or heat, as well as preservation of surrounding tissue. It also reduces radiation exposure throughout the course of the procedure and improves recovery time.

Successful ablation is highly dependent on the precise targeting of the destructive energy source. Our specialists apply the most advanced technologies, targeting malignant and benign diseases with leading-edge imaging methods, including one of the world's most powerful magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems.

Under the leadership of founding director Dr. Jaime Landman, the center's key goals are: 

  • To redefine minimally invasive cancer treatments and provide our patients the best solutions for their problems 
  • To foster effective collaboration between surgeons, interventional radiologists and oncologists of all disciplines 
  • To deliver the most advanced ablative technologies clinically available 
  • To integrate the investigational resources of the medical center and the university's main campus to foster translational research on ablative therapies 
  • To focus on education that ensures the transfer of ablation team skills to students, nurses, technicians, residents, fellows and community physicians.

Working at UCI Medical Center, Orange County's only university hospital, the physicians of the Ablative Oncology Center are at the forefront of developing ablative methods that can improve the treatment of malignant and benign tumors in nearly all body systems.

Our team members include:

Cardiothoracic Services

Hepatobiliary Services

Interventional Radiology Services

Urology Services

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