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Brain Tumor Program: Are You Newly Diagnosed?

If you have recently been diagnosed with a brain or spine tumor, it is only natural to be anxious about what comes next. The idea of undergoing tests, treatments and possible changes to your everyday life can be overwhelming.

Our UCI Health brain and spine tumor experts understand what you are going through. We take extra steps to help you know what to expect and to make important care decisions so that there is less uncertainty about your future.

Brain tumors: our approach to care

When you receive a brain tumor diagnosis, we immediately start planning additional tests and discussing treatment options. If it may feel as if everything is happening fast, perhaps too fast for your preferences, but it is with good reason. Brain tumors can grow quickly. Our goal is to connect you with care, treatments and helpful services without delay.

Features of our care include:

  • Experience treating all types of brain and spine tumors: There are more than 100 different types of brain and spine tumors. We let you know all of the steps involved in your treatment plan, ensuring that you are comfortable with your care. Find out more about tumor types ›
  • Thorough second opinions: Making decisions about brain tumor treatments can be among the most important decisions in your life. Some patients take comfort in talking with an additional brain tumor expert before moving forward. Learn more about second opinions ›
  • Expert team: Our team includes dedicated brain tumor experts who work alongside many other specialists and nurses involved in your care. We all work together seamlessly to provide you with the most effective care possible. Meet our team ›
  • Treatments: We offer the latest treatments proven to provide the best outcomes possible. After confirming a diagnosis, we work with you to determine the treatment plan that best meets your individual needs and personal preferences. Learn more about brain tumor treatments ›
  • Patient support: Undergoing brain tumor treatment can be difficult for your entire family. We offer a range of support services, including emotional support and referrals to programs that can help you pay your medical expenses. Find out about patient support services ›

Brain tumor treatment: what to expect

Every patient’s care journey is different, but they share many of the same steps including:

  • Clinic visits: When you come to our brain tumor program, you meet with specialists in neuro-oncology, neurosurgery and radiation therapy in one convenient visit.
  • Imaging, biopsy and diagnosis: We conduct several tests to ensure the most accurate possible diagnosis. You may need one or more imaging test to determine the tumor type, size and location. We may even take a small tissue sample (biopsy) and examine it under a microscope to learn more about the tumor. Learn more about diagnosing brain tumors ›
  • Treatment options: The treatment that is best for you depends on the tumor type, size and location, as well as your overall health. Treatments include:
    • Neurosurgery: We use sophisticated techniques and special imaging during your procedure (intra-operative imaging) to safely remove tumors that were previously thought to be inoperable. Learn more about neurosurgery ›
    • Neuro-oncology: This treatment uses medications (chemotherapy) to destroy tumor cells. We also offer some of the most promising treatments available, including brain tumor vaccines. Find out about neuro-oncology ›
    • Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy uses high-energy beams (radiation) to prevent tumors from growing. We use the best available technology to sculpt radiation beams to fit your tumor, protecting surrounding healthy tissue. Read more about radiation therapy ›
    • New and experimental treatments (clinical trials): Our experts are leading research that is pushing the boundaries of brain tumor care. We have an established track record of developing treatments that can extend your survival. Find out more about research and clinical trials ›

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To schedule an appointment, call 714-456-8000 or fill out an online request form. You may also send us an email.

Our 24-hour promise: If you are a new patient, one of our brain tumor physicians will return your call within 24 hours. You can be seen in our offices within 48 hours after insurance approval.

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