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Brain Tumor Program: Research and Clinical Trials

Our specialists are actively involved in the latest research in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. Our clinicians also are at the forefront of innovations in removing tumors using the least invasive methods possible while minimizing side effects and ensuring each patient better quality of life.

We conduct clinical trials that offer our patients access to leading-edge research in brain tumor care. In fact, we are the only cancer center in Orange County that is designated as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Leading brain tumor research and clinical trials

If you are still experiencing symptoms or a tumor comes back after treatment, you may benefit from a clinical trial. Clinical trials are carefully planned studies that explore whether a new treatment will be effective. Participating in clinical trials allows you to receive leading-edge treatments years before they are widely available to patients elsewhere.

Our brain tumor research efforts and our clinical trials give you access to:

  • New treatments: Our brain tumor experts lead and participate in clinical trials for many promising new treatments, including new medications and technologies. Search for open brain tumor trials ›
  • Expertise: Our nationally recognized brain tumor experts represent the best and brightest in their field. Our depth of expertise helps us select from the broad range of  trials available to determine which is most effective for the tumor and your individual needs. Meet our team ›
  • Innovative research: Through innovative research efforts, our brain tumor experts are uncovering the basic science behind what causes brain tumors to grow and how to stop them. We use this information to help make treatments more effective.
  • Preventing neurologic side effects of radiation: Our experts lead groundbreaking research using neural stem cells to prevent neurologic difficulties in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy involves the use of carefully targeted beams of high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. As part of our research in this area, we are often the first program in Orange County and surrounding communities offering the latest treatment technologies. These advances are making radiation therapy safer, faster and more precise. Learn more about radiation therapy ›

Our radiation therapy research efforts include:

  • Improving the safety of radiation therapy for patients and the specialists who deliver them (radiation therapists)
  • Reducing the side effects of radiation exposure in normal cells
  • Using special brain cells (neural stem cells) to improve memory and thinking after radiation and chemotherapy


Our world-renowned neuro-oncology experts are consistently exploring new ways to fight brain tumors. In addition to participating in large, multicenter trials, we also lead smaller trials for new treatments, some of which are only available through our brain tumor program. Learn more about our neuro-oncology efforts ›

  • Personalized brain tumor vaccines. Learn more about immunotherapy (brain tumor vaccine) ›
  • New medications and special treatments for tumors that come back, such as glioblastomas
  • Expanding options available to patients who cannot have or do not respond to standard neuro-oncology medications


Neurosurgery is a common treatment to remove brain tumors. Our neurosurgeons have played a key role in testing new technologies and surgical instruments that make it possible to remove tumors previously considered inoperable. Learn more about our team's neurosurgery expertise ›

Our neurosurgery research interests include:

  • Expanding the field of specialized care that focuses on brain recovery and monitoring (neuro-critical care)
  • Carrying out procedures using the smallest possible incisions (minimally invasive brain surgery)
  • Improving techniques for specialized forms of neurosurgery, including skull base surgery and endoscopic pituitary surgery
  • Finding better methods for using imaging studies to plan surgeries

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