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High-Risk Breast Cancer Services

At the UCI Health Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, our experienced breast cancer specialists use the latest technologies and screening methods to evaluate your personal and family history to determine if you have a higher-than-normal risk for developing breast cancer.

Our multidisciplinary team at Orange County’s only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center also helps you develop a personalized plan for lowering that risk.

Early detection is the key to successful treatment. Please call the Pacific Breast Care Center at 949-515-3544 to schedule a full evaluation if you answer yes to any of our Risk Quiz questions.

There are many factors to consider when assessing a person's risk for developing breast cancer. Do you have:

  • A personal history of breast or ovarian cancer?
  • A mother, sister or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer, particularly before age 50 or known to have the BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 gene mutation?
  • Two or more close relatives — such as aunts, grandmothers or cousins — diagnosed with breast cancer, especially at a young age?
  • Dense breast tissue (BI-RADS, D3 or D4)?
  • Ovarian cancer diagnosed in multiple family members?
  • A combination of breast and ovarian cancer occurring on the same side of the family?
  • Atypical cells detected during a breast biopsy?
  • Breast cancer diagnosed in a male relative?
  • A history of chest radiation between ages 10 and 30?

If you have any one of these risk factors, please call us the Pacific Breast Care Center at 949-515-3544 to schedule a full evaluation.

Our multidisciplinary team provides women who are concerned about breast cancer with an in-depth evaluation. This includes:

  • A hereditary cancer-risk assessment
  • A clinical breast exam
  • Radiology screening (3D mammography, ultrasound or MRI) as needed
  • Genetic testing, counseling and education about your risk for breast cancer and possible implications for family members
  • Personalized recommendations on lifestyle modifications and preventive measures such as nutrition, exercise, weight management
  • Other leading-edge therapies that can lower your risk for breast cancer

To prepare for your breast cancer risk-assessment evaluation, you will need to gather the following information to send to us or bring with you:

  • Past breast-imaging disks and report results (mammograms, ultrasounds, breast MRIs) from your providers
  • Reports or information about prior breast biopsies or surgeries (if applicable)
  • Genetic test results for you or your family members (if applicable)
  • Detailed information about your family’s health history, especially any type of cancer and the age of diagnosis

Monthly breast self-exams are vital to detecting early warning signs of cancer. Here are some warning signs to look for:

  • A lump or thickening in the breast or under the arms
  • Swelling, warmth, redness or darkening of the skin
  • A change in the size or shape of the breast
  • Dimpling of the skin
  • An itchy, sore rash on the nipple
  • Nipple discharge that occurs suddenly
  • Pain in one location that doesn’t subside

If you notice any of these signs, please call us at 949-515-3544 to make an appointment.

Our guiding philosophy is to treat every patient who enters our doors as a family member. Our physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals bring their compassion and experience to every patient encounter. We do the navigating for you, whether you are diagnosed with our world-class imaging technology or at another facility. We get your records and films, and we transfer them to the appropriate parties so that your care is handled effectively and efficiently. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the most timely and accurate information, as well as the best possible care for your unique situation.

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Pacific Breast Care Center

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