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After surgery

Below are some general instructions on caring for yourself after surgery, and they may be changed by your doctor. Please follow your doctor's instructions.

Immediately after surgery

Go home and go to sleep. When you are asleep, your body goes into a healing mode. Sleeping is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you are uncomfortable, take two of your Extra Strength Tylenol tablets. Repeat once every two to four hours as needed.

You should not drive a car, operate machinery or attempt stairs immediately following surgery. You will be given an eye shield for your operative eye(s). Please wear the shields for the first day/night after surgery and the following two nights at bedtime to prevent you from rubbing your eye(s) while sleeping.

General cleanliness

Do not get anything in your eye(s) such as makeup, soap, water, or any particular matter. If you do, this will greatly increase your risk of infection. Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs for one week. Do not rub your eye(s) or allow any trauma to your eyes for one month.

First day after surgery

You will return to the clinic the first day after surgery. You can expect your vision to be hazy.

Medicated eye-drop instructions

You may begin putting drops in your operative eye(s) after surgery, unless instructed otherwise by the doctor. You can expect your eye(s) to sting when you put them in.

Your drops will include anti-inflammatory drops, antibiotic drops and lubricating drops. Your surgeon will give you instruction on how to use these drops depending on the type of surgery you have.

The following days

Your vision may fluctuate for the first one to two months. You may notice some light sensitivity and/or glare particularly at night. Any immediate post-operative discomfort you feel will begin to subside. You may notice some temporary over correction for the first few weeks. All of this is normal. Get plenty of rest.

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