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Partial Knee Replacement

When just one portion of the knee is affected by osteoarthritis, doctors may recommend a unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement.

The knee has three compartments:
  • Medial, inside the knee
  • Lateral, outside the knee
  • Patellofemoral, behind the kneecap

When a partial knee replacement is performed, one of these three compartments is replaced with a durable metal and plastic device. The remaining parts of the knee are spared.

Benefits and risks

Partial knee replacement recipients have a shorter recovery time, less blood loss and less pain after surgery.

One of the biggest risks of partial knee replacement is the potential need for more surgery, since other parts of the knee can become arthritic. If this happens, a total knee replacement is necessary.

Candidates for partial knee replacement

If conservative, nonsurgical treatments are no longer effective and your quality of life is declining, your doctor may recommend surgery. 

The ideal candidate for partial knee replacement has osteoarthritis in just one compartment of the knee.

Patients who have severe knee stiffness, ligament damage or inflammatory arthritis may not benefit from partial knee replacement.

Your doctor will work with you to find a treatment that best addresses your condition, needs and goals.

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