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Live Well’s most popular stories of 2023

December 28, 2023 | UCI Health
Smiling young woman reading on her tablet in cozy, holiday room.

Find a cozy spot to relax and read or revisit our most popular stories of 2023.

Judging by the list, Live Well readers were especially interested in:

  • Leading-edge therapies to fight illnesses like arthritis and severe acid reflux
  • Trending topics like new weight-loss drugs and potential hair loss therapies
  • Improving health and preventing disease through smarter nutrition

We are proud to be your trusted resource to learn about the latest research and therapies, many developed by our renowned UCI Health physician-scientists at Orange County's only academic medical system.

Thank you for your loyal readership. We wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2024!

No. 1: A novel approach to treating knee arthritis ›

Knee arthritis appears as red inflammation on imaging scan.

No. 2: Testosterone: what you may not know ›

An older Black man wearing a helmet is happily cycling on a road.

No. 3: On the hunt for hair loss cures ›

UCI researcher Maksim Plikus, left, stands next to with UCI Health dermatologist Dr. Natasha Mesinkovska,

No. 4: Are gas stoves a health threat?›

Blue flame of gas stove burner under stainless steel pot.

No. 5:  How to recognize dementia ›

A senior lady looks into the distance as her caregiver holds her hand.

No. 6: Making GERD a distant memory ›

Dr. Gerald McGuire having a healthy BBQ on his outside patio.

No. 7: What to know about weight-loss drugs ›

An overweight woman is doing squats outside.

No. 8: Flavorful dishes to fight inflammation ›

Mediterranean Chicken and Chickpea bowl served with a variety of veggies and topped with yogurt sauce.

No. 9: Are weight-loss drugs safe for seniors? ›

A young woman doctor shows a senior adult male his chart.

No. 10: Recipes to soothe acid reflux ›

Lemongrass ginger poached shrimp salad is displayed on a white plate with blue placemat.

Honorable mentions: